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In April 2007 The Palace Cattery was bought by Derek, Jenny and Sharon Mansfield. We are a family of cat lovers and have always had cats in our lives. At the moment we have Molly, a lovely Black and White cat, who joined our family in 2008 and Frankie, who came from a client, as they were not able to take her when they moved to the West Country. She is 11 years old and is a British Grey Shorthair. You may see them roaming around the garden when you visit.

When we lost Molly's Brother Sam in 2011, we decided to get another ginger and white kitten, called Tigger. He was found on his own in a cardboard box on the London Road in Reading, someone rescued him and he ended up at a Thames Valley Animal Welfare foster home. Bizarrely he looked very similar to Sam, so of course we had to have him. He certainly was a character and was always getting up to mischief and we lost our beloved, adventurous boy on 29th July 2019.  He is sorely missed. There are still some videos of Tigger on our Facebook and YouTube page, if you want to see him in action.

We also had an amazing British Blue Shorthair called Harry and he was part of our lives until the summer of 2014, he was 19 years old and Tammy, our Singpura Cross, who we also re-homed from a client who returned to Singapore for work and couldn't take her with him. We lost her on 18th February 2016, she was 18!

Prior to owning the Cattery we had Joshua, a Persian Blue & Moppet a Tabby Moggy. Before that it was Pixie & Dixie, two Ginger farm cats, they followed Andy a six toed Moggy. They have all been a big part of our lives & will always last in our memories.

If anyone is interested in re-homing a kitten or a cat and you live in the Thames Valley area then you can have a look on the Thames Valley Animal Welfare website

Derek and Jenny
Kian, Jenny and Derek

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